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You’re here to save the day.



The Hero is the right personality for your brand if:

Your product and service focuses on personal and physical development






“Failure’s not an option. It’s a step.”

― Nike

You are a Hero and your superpower is your determination. You’re here to save your community or inspire them to save themselves. If tough loves needed, you’re handing it out.  People like you are the stereotypical hero. You know the ones you see in the movies. If there’s a problem, you are there to save the day.


You don’t help people to stroke your ego. You do it because you’re called too. And you have the drive, dedication, and stamina to getting things done no matter what obstacles stand in your way. Serena and LeBron aren’t immune to haters, but they stand tall and perform at elite levels no matter what. That’s what makes the hero who they are. 


Heroes and hero brands prove that they deserve the crown (and the cape) with their courageous and almost superhuman actions. Whether they are directly using their hands like Red Cross volunteers or saving the day with the help of technology (like Be My Eyes app), hero brands show up in major and minor emergencies.


Nike’s motto is “Just Do It” -- like a true hero. Hero personalities don’t always come in to save you. Brand personalities, like you, remind their audience that they are completely capable of saving themselves. Hero brands exist to make the world (and their audience)  better. You are also are driven by proving people wrong. 


Your brand voice is authoritative, strong, knowledgable, insightful, and reassuring. It both challenges your audience to show up for themselves and assures them that they are capable of anything. You encourage your customers to be their personal best.



Be authentic & transparent about your journey to inspire your audience 

Hero, You Are

Honest & Candid 
Brave & Confident

Disciplined & Motivational

The Hero Tagline

Never Give Up

The Hero's Mission

To slay every challenge

The Hero's Core Values

We protect and inspire our community

We can do whatever we put our minds to 

We face challenges head on

We believe in sacrificing for the greater good


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red cross hero brand.png

What's Next?

Let's have a Copy Conversation to develop your signature voice to reach your kind of people.

This one-hour strategy session designed for you to "pick a copywriter’s brain." This is perfect if your writing has zero personality, is uninspired, and you want your copy to make heros answer the call to be better.

Walk away from our call with confidence in your ability to write words that leave your customers inspired and ready to face their personal challenges. 

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