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You create community.

The Homegirl


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This is the right personality for your brand if:

Your product or service is used everyday (like clothing, coffee, or skicare to name a few)

“I'm a regular, degular, smegular

girl from the Bronx." - Cardi B

You are a The Homegirl and your superpower is creating community. And like a friend, you’re here to make your audience feel comfortable and supported being who they are. You are the brand people go to for stability and assurance. When there is a crisis, a decision to be made, or uncertainty, people turn to their most reliable homegirl for comfort. They don’t run to their obnoxious friend or the visionary with big dreams, they turn to you. You give people a place to belong without being stuck-up, untouchable or pretentious.


In the words of Cardi B, you are a regular, degular, smegular brand from the Bronx, and you take great pride in being from around the way, being relatable, and being on the girls. Your audience stans knowing that you are just like them. Relatability goes a long way in creating an engaged audience for you.  


You are exactly what people expect. There aren’t any plot twists with you. Your brand personality has a non-threatening presence without being over the top, loud, or shocking.


People trust you and they lean on you to be dependable. Your audience doesn’t necessarily like change, so your products or service represents stability, routine, and tradition.


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You Are

Down-to-earth & Unpretentious,
Relatable & Approachable

Dependable & Supportive

Warm & Friendly

Your Tagline

We’re just like you


Your Mission

Our mission is to help people find community


Your Core Values

We aren't pretentious or arrogant 
We’re down-to-earth
We treat each other with with friendliness and respect



Share behind-the-scenes content. This will make you relatable to your audience.

What's Next?

Let's have a Copy Conversation to develop your signature voice to reach your kind of people.


This one-hour strategy session designed for you to "pick a copywriter’s brain." This is perfect if your writing has zero personality and is uninspired.

Walk away from our call with confidence in your ability to write words that connect.

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