You’re leading a revolution.



The Rebel is the right personality for your brand if:

You target the disenfranchised, intentionally silenced or preferably unheard communities





“I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.”

― Angela Y. Davis

You are a rebel and you’re here to change the world. In the words of fellow RebeI, Angela Davis, you are no longer accepting the things you cannot change. You are changing the things you cannot accept. And no side-eye, raised eyebrow or disapproving look is going to stop you. 


Rebel personalities, like you, are here to change archaic traditions for themselves and for their communities. You want to break free of the rules and restrictions of everyday life. Your rallying call is “F*ck this!” and you burn down whatever’s not working to build it up the right way. Rebel brands are the first to embrace change, innovation, and reform. These are the brands you see shattering outdated gender roles, embracing cannabis culture or leading social movements. 


As a Rebel, you don’t believe in taboos and think everyone should lean into whatever the hell they are into. Like sex, drugs & tattoos? That’s cool. Rebels do too. Got strong opinions on religion, politics, and race? Talk about it. You see Rebel brands bring taboos from the shadows and invite your alter ego to join in. (It’s the Rebel who gets middle-aged Dad on the back of a Harley.) 


Rebel brands aren’t rebels without a cause. Their cause is to challenge the status quo with hopes of starting a revolution. Rebel personalities live on their own terms even if they are alone. This creates space for their customers to be themselves, too. Rebels appeal to the parts of us who always wanted to smoke under the bleachers, become a professional twerker or run away to a remote island to live with no responsibilities (or maybe settling for something less risky like piercing no one can see)


Rebel brands aren’t just for new teenaged brands; they stand outside of time. Your brand voice is raw, bold, disruptive and shocking. Your communication may be disruptive but you’re honest. You leave your customers stimulated, understood and ready to join your cause whether it’s marching for racial justice or wearing that leather bralette.



Let your audience know what you stand for & why, so you won’t come off as a rebel without a cause

Rebel, You Are

Raw & Shocking

Disruptive & Powerful

Rebellious & Liberated

Bold & Confident

The Rebel Tagline

Rule Breakers Unite

The Rebel's Mission

To shake sh*t up

The Rebel's Core Values

We’re rebels with a cause 

We never conform because we’re born to stand out 

We’re advocates for radical change

We believe in living life on your own terms


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